Civility Summit

KCMBA held its first-ever Civility Summit on Monday, October 8, 2012 at Indian Hills Country Club to spur a meaningful conversation about the role of civility and professionalism in the legal profession. The highlight of the event was an address from Coach Bill Self of the University of Kansas, which was followed by a panel discussion featuring esteemed Judges Duane Benton, Fernando Gaitan, and Charles Droege and veteran attorneys Larry Ward, Lynne Bratcher, Sue Sperry and Willie Epps, Jr.

Following the panel discussion, attendees formed small groups to discuss and offer comments on KCMBA’s “Tenets of Professional Courtesy,” which were adopted at Bench-Bar in 1987. This feedback was used to draft a new, updated set of guidelines for professionaism and ethical conduct in the legal profession titled the “Principles of Civility,” which can be read here. For more information on the Principles of Civility or KCMBA’s efforts to support professionalism in the legal community, click here.

Special thanks to Jerry Wolf, Nate Orr, and the members of the Civility Summit Blue Ribbon Committee for their help in preparing for this event.



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