About us

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to serve the community by creating and supporting public service or educational programs which promote the administration of justice, delivery of legal services, professional development or respect for the law.

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Our Leadership & Governance

The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors, pursuant to the Foundation’s Bylaws. Officers of the Foundation include the President, who is Chairperson; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary; Immediate Past President; and a Legal Adviser, who each serve a one-year term, beginning upon their election at the Annual Meeting.

Since 2011, Vickie Schatz has served as Executive Director of KCMBF. Vickie leads KCMBA’s staff of 11 employees and is responsible for the business operations of the Association and Foundation.  Patsy Rutherford is the Foundation’s Director.

Foundation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation is the Foundation’s managing body. The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss and vote on the affairs of the Foundation. Directors are selected annually from a pool of applicants by a nominating committee for one, two, or three-year terms. The Nominating Committee may also choose to appoint lifetime members, who are permanent members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. For more information on the structure and functions of the Board of Directors, please refer to the Foundation’s Bylaws.

2017 Board of Directors

David M. Skeens

Thomas Bender Image
Vice President
Thomas V. Bender

Scott Gyllenborg Image
Scott C. Gyllenborg

Mara H. Cohara

Legal Advisor
Peter E. Goss

Immediate Past President

Leah M. Mason

Directors (Through 2017)

Louis C. Accurso
Matthew L. Dameron
James R. Hobbs
William M. Sharma-Crawford
Norman E. Siegel
Daniel A. Thomas
Tamara Veit
Leon Versfeld

Directors (Through 2018)

Cory Atkins
Koriambanya S. Carew
Jill M. Katz
Phyllis A. Norman-Komoroski
Abraham D. Kuhl
Jennifer R. Reagan
John W. (“Jay”) Simpson
David W. White

Directors (Through 2019)

Lauren Perkins Allen
Scott S. Bethune
Daniel A. Blegen
Russell S. Jones, Jr.
Nancy E. Kenner
Joseph A. Kronawitter
Shawn Lee
Meghan A. Litecky

Lifetime Members

James Bartimus
W.H. Bert Bates
Greg Bentz
P. John Brady
Willard B. Bunch
Jack L. Campbell
Max W. Foust
James P. Frickleton
John S. Johnston
Hon. Cynthia L. Martin
Hon. Ann Mesle
Timothy W. Monsees
Sandra L. Schermerhorn
Patricia A. Sexton
John W. Simpson
J. Harlan Stamper
Wm. Dirk Vandever
R. Lawrence Ward
Robert C. Welch
Fred Wilkins
Hon. J.D. Williamson, Jr.
Jerome T. Wolf
James R. Wyrsch

KCMBF Past Presidents

KCMBF Past Presidents