Section Presidents & Committee Chairs

KCMBA has 7 Section Presidents and 39 Committee Chairs who lead the various practice area-specfic sections and committees.  Section presidents and committee chairs play an important role in KCMBA’s leadership structure by garnering involvement among lawyers in their practice areas, initiating and executing public service projects, and directing continuing education programming.

Section presidents and committee chairs are nominated and appointed by their peers for their demonstration of expertise and leadership ability. Throughout their one-year terms, these leaders are responsible for building effective teams committed to professional and public service while moving the membership towards accomplishing its tasks or goals.

If you have interest in serving in one of these positions, please contact Kim Elrod, Director of Sections & Committees, at 816-474-4322 or


Crutchfield Business Law Section- Jessica A. Crutchfield, President

Business Law/Corporate Law Committee- Philip N. Krause, Chair
Contstruction Law Committee- Jeffrey A. Kennard, J. Drew Marriott, Co-Chairs
Corporate House Counsel Committee- Mark R. Euler, Chair
Environmental Law Committee- Rachel D. Guthrie, Vanessa D. Dittman and Ken Smith, Co-Chairs
Media Law Committee- Michelle Worrall Tilton, Chair
Patent-Trademark-Copyright Committee- Arthur Shaffer, Chair
Real Estate Law Committee- Richard A. Cook, Chair
Securities Committee- Jason M. Kueser, John J. Miller, Co-Chairs
Sports & Entertainment Law Committee- Mit S. Winter, Chair
Tax Law Committee- Erik R. Edwards, Chair


Skeens Civil Litigation Section- David M. Skeens, President

Appellate Practice Committee- Jonathan Sternberg, Chair
Business Litigation Committee- Jacob M. Doleshal, Jonathan McDowell, Co-Chairs
Circuit/Associate Circuit Court/Civil Practice – Phyllis A. Norman, Chair
Labor & Employment Law Committee- John J. Ziegelmeyer III, Chair
Medical-Legal/Nursing Home Negligence – Collin B. Altieri, Scott W. Martin, Co-Chairs
Torts Law Committee- Edward ‘Kip’ Robertson, Chair
Workers’ Compensation Law Committee- C. Anderson Russell, Chair


Sandage Criminal Law Section- Lance M. Sandage, President

Criminal Law Committee- Zachary Thompson, Chair
Municipal Court Committee- David M. Lurie, Chair


Mohlman Diversity Section- Michael J. Mohlman, President

Diversity Education Committee- Seema Chawla, Phyllis Norman, C0-Chairs
Heartland Legal Diversity Job Fair Committee- Alissia Canady, Chair
Diversity Recruitment & Retention Committee- Carrie English, Anna Kowalewski, Co-Chairs
Membership & Social Committee- Tracey T. Chappell, Chair


Ferraro Family & The Law Section- James J. Ferraro, President

Domestic Law Committee- Tiffany A. McFarland, Chair
Juvenile Law Committee- Megan C. Roth, David Suroff, Co-Chairs
Probate & Estate Planning Committee- Anna C. Raccuglia, Chair


Gyllenborg Federal Courts Advocates Section- Scott C. Gyllenborg, President

FCAS Continuing Legal Education Committee- Meghan McEvoy, Ashlea G. Schwarz, Co-Chairs Matthew Lee Dameron, Jeremy Suhr, Co-Chairs
FCAS Membership & Social Committee- Walter Brown, Jabari Wamble, Co-Chairs
FCAS Outreach Committee- William D. Beil Richard M. Paul III, Co-Chairs


Goss Young Lawyers Section- Peter E. Goss, President

YLS Social Committee- Mark Emison, Chair
New Lawyers Committee- Kristin Holzhueter, Chair
YLS Public Relations Committee- Geoffrey L. Gross, Chair
YLS Public Service Committee- Brandon L. Corl, Brendan McPherson, Co-Chairs
Ross T. Roberts Trial Academy Committee- Michelle L. Marvel, Chair
YLS Special Projects Committee- Desarae Harrah, Chair



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