Judicial Jeopardy

Thank you to all who participated in the first ever Judicial Jeopardy! The event was a huge success! 

Special thank you to our event sponsors: Bartimus Frickleton Robertson & Goza, PC; Edelman & Thompson, LLC; Kenner Nygaard Demarea Kendall LLC; Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm; Polsinelli PC; Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP; and Wendt Goss, P.C.

To view team scores from the event, click here*. Congrats to our winning team, Docket Like It’s Hot! 

*Notes on scoring:

1.  The above scores include the 100-point final question, but they DO NOT include scores for Round 8.  Before totaling any scores for any of the rounds that night, and without reviewing any scores for Round 8, the judges decided not to use any scores for Round 8 in the point totals.

2.  When the Top Three places were announced the night of the contest, the scoring had omitted the additional 50-point bonus the D.J. had announced for “the first team to turn in their final answer.”  Blurred Lines won that 50 points, but it was not included in the original announced finalists’ scores.  When that 50 points is added, Blurred Lines moved from Sixth Place into Third Place for the evening with 710 points, bumping out the previously-announced Third Place winner, Buckley’s Butt Kickers at 690 points.

3.  For the next Judicial Jeopardy, we are checking into being able to run a computerized scoring system that will hopefully let us give some scoring updates during the contest.

4.  Thank you so much for playing, and for making our first Judicial Jeopardy night a lot of fun, and a great success for the two Bar Foundation beneficiaries!


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