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Kansas Appellate Court

Electronic filing in appellate courts to be mandatory effective November 2
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Missouri Municipal Court

Information on the Department of Civil Process can be foundĀ here.

-The court accepts filings through e-mail to the courtroom where the case is set or previously disposed of.

-All court filings must be in a PDF or TIFF format.
-All motions must be appropriately captioned to include case number(s), the defendant’s full name, birth date, and social security number.
-The attorney signature block must contain the attorney’s name, bar number, mailing address, phone number, and fax number.
-Copies of all motions and/or correspondence with the court must be provided to the prosecuting attorney. Motions must include a certificate of mailing with service to the prosecuting attorney.
-All motions must include a proposed Order.

Motions may also be filed with the court by the following additional methods:
a) By mail to: Municipal Court, 1101 Locust St., Kansas City, MO 64106
b) By facsimile transmission to: (816) 513-3863
c) By delivery in Court
d) By delivery to the Traffic Violations Bureau

Courtroom A (Division 204)
(816) 513-6735

Courtroom B (Division 205)
(816) 513-6736

Courtroom C (Division 206)
(816) 513-6737

Courtroom D (Division 208)
(816) 513-6738

Courtroom E (Division 203)
(816) 513-6721

Courtroom F (Division 207)
(816) 513-6722

Courtroom G (Division 202)
(816) 513-6723

Courtroom H (Division 201)
(816) 513-6724

Courtroom I (Division 209)
(816) 513-6739

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