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KCMBA has seven sections and thirty-nine committees, including three independent committees that are not affiliated with any particular section. Membership in sections and committees is open to all KCMBA members and provides an easy way to get involved in both KCMBA and the legal community.

To join a section or committee, please download this form and return it to KCMBA via mail at 2300 Main St, Ste. 100, Kansas City, MO 64108 or via e-mail to or

Each committee is devoted to a certain area of the law and consists of attorneys whose practices involve that practice area. Committees meet several times per year to plan continuing education seminars, public service projects, and social events and to discuss legal developments that are relevant to their practice area. Through discussion, study and review, committees can readily analyze issues within their jurisdiction and arrive at thoroughly-deliberated recommendations.

With the exception of three independent committees, committees are overseen by one of the seven sections, according to practice area. Sections play an important leadership role in the Association as they help to guide and coordinate the work of committees grouped by their areas of interest.  Sections provide a voice for those committees via the section representative’s service on the KCMBA Board of Directors. In their endeavors, sections are intended to create and enhance education, socialization and leadership opportunities for KCMBA members.  The work of sections is tremendously varied, reflecting the diversity of interests among KCMBA members.

For more information about Sections & Committees, follow the links listed on the menu on the left side of this page to see specific information about each section and committee, or contact Kim Elrod, Director of Sections & Committees, at 816-474-4322.

2015 Section and Committee Guide 


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