Solo Practitioner/Small Firm Committee

This committee promotes and increases the existence of small firms and solo practitioners, increases their visibility within the legal profession and the general public, improves their ability to competitively serve and expand strong and varied client base and promotes and encourages their interaction with other small firms and solo practitioners.  The means of achieving the committee’s purpose shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Facilitating Continuing legal Education programs, directed toward particular practice concerns and objectives of small firms and solo practitioners;
  • Providing small firms and solo practitioners with a forum for the discussing, sharing and exchanging of problems and ideas related to the practice; and
  • Engaging in the pooling of resources in an effort to bring previously cost prohibitive technology and assets within the reach of small firms and solo practitioners.

Membership on this committee is restricted to members who practice in a firm with fewer than ten attorneys.


Co-Chair- Ryan C. Fowler,
Co-Chair- Kristi C. Hartmann,
Vice Chair- Elle J. Byram,
Staff Liaison- Kim Elrod,

For more information on this committee, contact Kim Elrod or Ashley Williamson at 816-474-4322.


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