YLS Membership/New Lawyers

This committee has been involved in projects including:

Law School - to serve as a liaison between the members of the KCMBA and area law schools.  This function is served through sponsorship by the committee of various social and educational programs and events.

Mock Trial - to work in conjunction with the Lawyers Association of Kansas City, in sponsoring the Annual High School Mock Trial program.  Teams from high schools in the greater Kansas City area are invited to compete against each other for the opportunity to represent Kansas City in the State Mock trial Competition.

Co-Chair- Kersten Holzhueter, kholzhueter@spencerfane.com
Co-Chair- Jennifer A. Cheek, jcheek@schleehuber.com
Vice Chair- Stacey K. Wullschleger, stacey@wrightandfisher.com
Staff Liaison- Kim Elrod, kelrod@kcmba.org
For more information on this committee, contact Kim Elrod or Ashley Williamson at 816-474-4322.


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