YLS Public Service Committee

This committee has been involved in projects including:

Community Service - to sponsor projects and forums that allow young lawyers to provide needed services to the public for the betterment of the community at large. This goal has been fulfilled through a variety of projects that emphasize the legal skills of the KCMBA participants while providing opportunities to develop contacts both within and outside the legal community.

Law Week: – to carry out various Law Week activities in connection with the national Law Day celebration sponsored by the American Bar Association. The activities sponsored by the committee give the KCMBA and the Kansas City legal community the opportunity to directly serve the community and to answer questions for individuals, who might otherwise have no access to legal advice.

Co-Chair- Brandon L. Corl, bcorl@potts-law.com
Co-Chair- Tracy L. Barnes, info@tracylbarneslaw.com
Vice Chair- Robert Kinsman, robert@krauseandkinsman.com
Staff Liaison- Kim Elrod, kelrod@kcmba.org


For more information on this committee, contact Kim Elrod or Ashley Williamson at 816-474-4322.


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