KCMBA DEI Action Plan

Adopted by the Managing Partners' Committee
on July 19, 2021

The KCMBA DEI Collaborative is a forum for developing, curating, and sharing a range of practical, effective law firm DEI resources, practices, and strategies that fit the respective needs of differently-situated firms, and for considering and recommending innovative DEI practices and evolving DEI strategies over time.

Membership and Participants

The law firm signatories to the KCMBA DEI Action Plan are the members of the DEI Collaborative. These firms are represented in the DEI Collaborative by individual participants designated by their firms.
DEI Collaborative participants designated by the firms are individuals with significant responsibilities within their respective firms for DEI programs, initiatives, or efforts, such as:
  • Practicing lawyers who have oversight of or devote a significant amount of their time to the firm’s DEI programs, initiatives, or efforts, such as DEI Committee leadership or leadership of other firm committees with a significant
    focus on DEI issues.
  • Law firm professionals who oversee the firm’s DEI function or otherwise devote the majority of their time to managing the firm’s DEI programs, initiatives, or efforts.
The member law firms annually confirm whom they have designated as their DEI Collaborative participants.
KCMBA staff who have oversight of or otherwise devote a significant amount of their time to KCMBA’s DEI efforts, such as
under the KCMBA DEI Action Plan, are also participants in the DEI Collaborative.


The DEI Collaborative exists to help member firms achieve continued, meaningful, and measurable progress toward the firms’ shared objectives under the KCMBA DEI Action Plan:

  • The participating firms will undertake to recruit, hire, and promote diverse law students and lawyers in a sustained effort to significantly increase the number of diverse lawyers hired, promoted to partnership, and appointed to leadership positions in every one of Kansas City’s small, mid-sized, and large law firms.
  • The participating firms will establish and maintain policies, programs, and practices that promote the training, mentoring, professional development, retention, sponsoring, and advancement of diverse lawyers and that support firm cultures of opportunity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

In so doing, the DEI Collaborative operates with the understanding that, while member firms may in a sense compete from time to time in individual recruiting and retention efforts, such competition is outweighed by their common interest in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion collectively among the member firms and generally in the greater Kansas City, Missouri legal community. DEI Collaborative participants therefore operate as collegial group, sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices to improve the DEI programs, initiatives, and efforts of the member firms.
The specific purposes of the DEI Collaborative are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of practical ideas about effective DEI strategies for differently situated law firms;
  • To develop and share common resources on law firm DEI programs and initiatives, mindful of the needs of
    differently-situated firms, and to curate the array of publicly available DEI resources for the needs of member
    law firms;
  • To consider, develop, and support collaborative, joint DEI programs and initiatives; and
  • To ensure that participants’ firms provide to KCMBA their annual DEI reporting as contemplated in KCMBA DEI Action Plan.