The Bylaws of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association were first adopted on June 3, 1963 and were last amended on November 17, 2017. To view the Association’s current bylaws, click here.

New KCMBA Bylaws were submitted for adoption by a vote of the membership at KCMBA’s 131st Annual Meeting on December 11, 2015.

The updated Bylaws are the result of the hard work of both the KCMBA Governance Task Force and the KCMBA Blue Ribbon Bylaws Committee.  The Governance Task Force began its work in 2013 with a charge from 2013 President Rod Richardson to review and make recommendations on the size and representation on the KCMBA Board of Directors, with the ultimate objective of balancing governance efficiencies with the promotion of inclusiveness.  The Governance Task force issued their comprehensive report in December 2014 to the Board of Directors.  Review and consideration of the Recommendations was a primary focus for the Board in the first eight months of 2015, the result of required amendments to the existing KCMBA bylaws.

The Blue Ribbon Bylaws Committee was appointed by 2015 KCMBA President Scott Bethune with a task of conducting a comprehensive review of the Bylaws and incorporating the changes recommended by the Board of Directors from the Governance Task Force report.

Chaired by Greg Bentz, the Blue Ribbon Bylaws Committee utilized its collective wisdom of the committee members and their understanding of KCMBA operations, along with sample bylaws from the ABA and other bar associations across the country, to develop a state-of-the-art document that reflects best practices, as well as our mission and operations.  Members of the committee include Greg Bentz, Dan Blegen, Nancy Kenner, Athena Dickson, Scott Herpich, and Tom Wagstaff, Jr.

The Governance Task Force members were as follows:  Hon. Cindy Martin (Chair), Dean Ellen Suni (Vice-Chair), Kendra Mosley Ayuk, Tom Bender, Nikki Cannezzaro, Russ Jones, Tom Kokoruda, Robin Martinez, Pete Hartweger (2013 Legal Counsel), Paul Donnelly (2014 Legal Counsel), Kim Elrod (Staff Liaison) and Vickie Mauck (Executive Director).

KCMBA is lucky to enjoy the talent and efforts of its committed volunteers who have dedicated themselves to laying a solid framework for KCMBA to grow and prosper in the years to come.  We are specifically grateful for Rod Richardson for his forethought in appointing the Task Force, for 2014 President Perry Brandt for shepherding the project, for the work of the Governance Task Force, the Blue Ribbon Bylaws Committee and the KCMBA Board of Directors. On behalf of all of our members, thank you for your significant efforts and wonderful results.