Liberty & Justice Gala

The annual Liberty & Justice Gala is the primary fundraising event in support of KCMBF programs.  It is also a celebration of the accomplishments the Foundation is making in the community. 

 During the Gala, the Liberty & Justice Legacy Award is given in recognition of the recipient’s dedication to the principles of liberty and justice through exemplary professional, civic and community service.

Liberty & Justice Award Recipients

Hon. Cynthia L. Martin, 2016
J. Kent Emison, 2015 
Mayor Sylvester “Sly” James, 2014 
Hon. Gary Fenner and Hon. Peggy McGraw, 2013 
Larry McMullen, 2012
Hon. J.D. Williamson, Jr., 2011 
Hon. William Ray Price, Jr., 2010 
Jerome T. Wolf, 2009
Hon. Scott O. Wright, 2008 
James R. Wyrsch, 2007
Bobbie Lou Nailling-Files, 2006 
Robert C. Welch, 2005
R. Lawrence Ward, 2004 
C. Patrick McLarney, 2003

Save the Date

The 15th Annual Liberty & Justice Gala will be held on Saturday, September 9th.