Task Force M

As Dan Blegen took the presidency in 2017, he stated: “We need to make sure we are meeting the needs of a generation of lawyers so they want to be lawyers and remain in the profession. Eventually they’re going to be in charge.”  With this idea, Task Force M was created.  The goals of this appointed group were threefold. They were asked to focus on understanding and serving millennials, connecting generations and providing value on this topic to law firms and the legal community. For the last year, a committee of nine individuals worked behind the scenes as part of Task Force M, seeking to better understand how to bridge the generational gap between Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.  Set on course by Dan and led by Athena Dickson, Perry Brandt, Karrie Clinkinbeard, Ashley Grace, Phyllis Norman, Karl Phares, Emma Schuering, Darrion Walker and Chris Wirken worked together to gather information and create recommendations for the Board to find new ways of meeting the needs of our ever changing legal community.   To view the final report, click here.