2017 CLE Archives

1-19-17 Jackson County Case Processing: Revised Filing Procedures

3-2-17 eDiscovery Strategy Simple through the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

3-24-17 Municipal Practice After Ferguson

3-24-17 Crimmigration 2017: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and a New Administration

3-30-17 Social Ethics: Understanding the Consequences of Social Media on the Modern Legal Office

4-5-17 A Roundup of 2016's Noteworthy Copyright and Trademark Cases

4-13-17 Navigating the Heart of the Litigation Life Cycle

4-20-17 A View from the Bench: Review of Local Rules, Practices and Procedures

4-21-17 A Judicial Roundtable Discussion: Business Litigation in State Court - Past, Present, and Future

4-27-17 Basic Training: Family Law Basics for Non-Family Law Attorneys

4-27-17 Basic Training: Criminal Law Primer for Non-Criminal Law Practitioners

5-4-17 A Five Star Review: Navigating the Pros and Cons of Crowdsourced Media for Your Clients and Firm

5-25-17 2016 Criminal Law Updates from the 8th Circuit

5-26-17 Real Estate Law Update

6-1-17 Intellectual Property Practice Before the ITC: Overview and Current Trends

6-2-17 Pixar for Estate Planners: Who Gets Your Digital Stuff When You've Logged Off for the Final Time

6-7-17 Annual Business Litigation Seminar: Introduction of Business Litigation Handbook, 2017 Edition

6-9-17 23rd Annual Workers' Compensation CLE Seminar & Golf Tournament

6-13-17 Trial Wares: Return of the Jury

6-15-17 Annual Corporate House Counsel Institute

6-16-17 Annual David Prager Appellate Institute

6-20-17 CLE by the Hour at Stoney Creek/Eastern Jackson County

6-23-17 CLE by the Hour at Johnson County Community College

6-24-17 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

6-27-17 CLE by the Hour at Courtyard Kansas City at Briarcliff

6-29-17 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

6-30-17 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

8-17-17 Ethical Traps, Bar Complaints & Legal Malpractice: How to Avoid Them

9-20-17 Strategies to Minimize Your Firm's Liability - Risk Management Tips

9-27-17 Get Smart About Smartphone Evidence

10-19-17 LITIGREAT: The Symposium for Rising Advocates

10-20-17 20th Annual Legal Connection: Domestic Violence & Children Interdisciplinary Conference

10-27-17 Annual Workers' Compensation Institute

10-31-17 Annual Review of MO/KS Construction Law: Cases and Legislation

11-3-17 Successful Probate Practice - Top 20 Tips

11-6-17 The State of Voting Rights in Kansas and Missouri

11-13-17 How to Pick a Jury