2019 CLE Archives

2-13-19 Views from the Bench

4-2-19 A Roundup of 2018’s Noteworthy Copyright and Trademark Cases

4-3-19 Updates in Criminal Law

4-5-19 Representing Clients in Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption Cases at the Jackson County Family Court (** & How To Get Paid Doing It **)

4-17-19 Welcome Robot Overlords! Artificial Intelligence and the Law

4-22-19 Navigating the Heart of the Litigation Life Cycle

4-23-19 Personal Injury 101: Stacking Insurance Policies & ERISA/Medicare Lien Fundamentals   

4-24-19 Summary Judgment in the Western District of Missouri

5-8-19 The Initial Client Interview: Putting Ethics into Practice  

5-22-19 Fixing College Basketball: The Rice Commission Report One-Year Later

5-31-19 Hot Topics: Expert Depositions in Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home Litigation

6-4-19 Trial of a MedMal Case by the Masters

6-7-19 25th Annual Workers’ Compensation CLE Seminar & Golf Tournament

6-11-19 Annual Business Litigation Seminar 

6-12-19 A Practical Guide: Taking Care of You, Taking Care of Your Practice

6-13-19 CLE By The Hour at Stoney Creek/Eastern Jackson County

6-14-19 Annual David Prager Appellate Institute

6-17-19 Representing an Organization as a client with The Beatles as a Case Study (Ethics)

6-21-19 CLE By The Hour at Johnson County Community College

6-25-19 CLE By The Hour at Courtyard Kansas City at Briarcliff

6-26-19 32nd Annual Corporate House Counsel Institute

6-27-19 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

6-28-19 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

6-29-19 CLE by the Hour at KCMBA

9-11-19 How to Be a Good Board Member

9-19-19 LITIGREAT: The Symposium for Rising Advocates

9-26-19 The Basics of Municipal Warrants, Family, Landlord/Tenant and Bankruptcy Law

10-3-19 Annual Review of MO/KS Construction Law: Cases and Legislation

10-10-19 Lawyer Well-Being Summit

10-17-19 Local Prosecutor Panel

10-23-19 What the New Missouri Rules for Civil Procedure Governing eDiscovery Really Mean and How to Prepare Your Practice to Thrive

10-25-19 22nd Annual Domestic Violence Alliance

11-1-19 Annual Workers' Compensation Institute

11-13-19 Estates & Torts: Collaboration Opportunities Between the Probate and Plaintiff’s Bars

11-22-19 Labor and Employment Law Update