Important Information Regarding Courthouse Security Pass Program

Effective September 6, 2019

Dear Valued KCMBA Members and Courthouse Security Pass Holders,

Yesterday evening, Hon. David Byrn, Presiding Judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri, met personally with Vickie Mauck, KCMBA Executive Director, and myself to inform us of a recent decision by the Court’s Executive Management Committee to temporarily suspend the use of KCMBA Courthouse Passes in any courthouse, effective September 6, 2019.   The letter he hand delivered to us at that meeting is attached.    

This decision follows an incident where an attorney, not a holder of the Security Pass or a KCMBA member, was discovered with a loaded gun in the security process at the court.  Judge Byrn expressed regret about this decision, but cited the necessity for a full review of all of the courthouses’ security policies and procedures.  KCMBA plans to play an important role in that review and continue to advocate for the use of the Pass, which allows officers of the court with a valid Pass to have more efficient access to the court. 

We are very aware of the unfortunate timing of this decision, with annual Pass renewals having just occurred in the last 60 days.  Because the court did not provide guidance on the length of the suspension, we are unable to make a decision now on how KCMBA will handle any requested refund for your renewal.  Additionally, as a result of this decision, KCMBA is currently suspending renewals and applications for new Passes. Please know that we are carefully monitoring the situation, will work with the court, and will provide additional information on any further decisions.      

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of KCMBA.    


Nate Orr

KCMBA President

Click here to view the letter from Hon. David Byrn.